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Only allowing subscribed customers to watch videos

  1. We now have videos on our website, we now have customers able to subscribe, but
  2. without
  3. a subscription, customers can still watch videos without paying, so let's remedy
  4. that.
  5. If we head back to the Cashier docs, we can see there's a section called
  6. "Checking Subscription Status".
  7. We can see from the code sample it says that we can use a "subscribed" method on
  8. a User
  9. model instance to determine whether a user subscribed or not.
  10. The first argument is the name of the product.
  11. We left this as "default", so we can even omit that argument and just use $user->subscribed
  12. The Cashier docs suggest using middleware, but we don't want to completely block
  13. users
  14. who aren't subscribed.
  15. We still want guests and non-subscribers to be able to see the videos' details.
  16. We just don't want them to be able to watch the actual video without an active
  17. subscription.
  18. Therefore, we're going to do the subscribed check in the view.
  19. We can make use of a policy here, as we're checking access for the authenticated user
  20. against
  21. a model.
  22. Let's create a VideoPolicy class.
  23. Open up the auth service provider file, and add a mapping for our Video model
  24. and
  25. now a new VideoPolicy class.
  26. Open up the VideoPolicy class, copy the "view" method, paste it, and rename it to
  27. "watch".
  28. Inside this method, we can just check if the user is currently subscribed.
  29. Open up your videos show view, and we can use the @can directive to check if
  30. the user
  31. is authenticated and able to watch the video.
  32. We'll wrap the mux-player tag in the @can directive.
  33. For users who do not have permission to watch the video, let's just show the
  34. thumbnail
  35. with a message saying they need to be subscribed to watch.
  36. We can also add a link to subscribe.
  37. If we open a private browsing window, we should now see the thumbnail with a
  38. message saying
  39. that user needs to be subscribed, and a link to subscribe.
  40. So now we have videos locked behind a paywall where only paying subscribers
  41. can watch.
  42. In the next lesson, we'll look at how we can track activity in our videos using
  43. Mux Data.
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