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Products and prices in Stripe

  1. To create subscriptions in Stripe, customers need to be able to subscribe to a
  2. product.
  3. A product can then have many prices.
  4. If we think of Netflix as an example, you have one subscription to Netflix, but
  5. there
  6. are various plans you can subscribe to, depending on what video quality you want
  7. and how many screens
  8. you plan to use it on.
  9. As well as tiers, you can also use prices to bill customers at different
  10. intervals,
  11. for example monthly and yearly.
  12. We only have one product, so we'll create a Laraflix product in Stripe and to
  13. start off
  14. with we'll create a single price where we can charge the customer monthly.
  15. To create a product in Stripe, click "Products" from the main menu, click the
  16. blue "Add product"
  17. button, add a name for the product, I'm going to use "Laraflix".
  18. Under "Price information", leave the pricing model as "Standard pricing" and for the
  19. price, enter
  20. how much you want to charge a customer each month.
  21. I'm going to enter 3.99 and I'm going to leave the currency as GBP, which is my
  22. local currency.
  23. Click the blue "Save product" button.
  24. We'll now see an overview screen with our newly-created product details.
  25. We can see the product's name and also the prices for the product, how much it
  26. costs
  27. and how frequently it's billed.